List of Events

Developing communication using Buddhism

Helping Buddhist communities with creating programs for radio, television, public performances and exhibitions based on their culture with Buddhism to impact their own communities, as well as neighbouring communities. ...Read Continue

Jul, 201408

Living with the Buddhist Communities (Jan Seva)

This includes more of community living and helping the communities in their day to day life by supporting either health care or education or organic agriculture or use of renewable energy or conserving natural resources or any other sustainable practices. ...Read Continue

Jul, 201408

Monsoon Mission (Barsha Bas)

This is a very important month for the Buddhist Communities, which Lord Buddha had asked his followers to stay indoors during this period and practice a process of cleansing through hearing good words, thinking good, developing a better inner-self and practicing good deeds.  ...Read Continue

Jul, 201408

Monk for a Month/Nun for a Month

The program starts with Buddhism orientation at Nalanda and includes understanding of the teachings of Gautama Buddha. This is followed by an opportunity to spend a month like a monk/nun at a Buddhist Monastery or Buddhist Temple. ...Read Continue

Jul, 201408

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